Landing Page: Pink Paws Animal Rescue

Landing Page Metadata


Title: Adopt a Puppy in Phoenix | Pink Paws Animal Rescue

Meta Description: See 100+ puppies for adoption in Metro Phoenix, Arizona. Spay or neuter and shots included when you adopt a puppy from Pink Paws Animal Rescue. Search Engine Strategy Defense Memo

Project for a graduate course at ASU Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications

The target audience for this Pink Paws Animal Rescue landing page is people in looking to adopt a puppy in the Metro Phoenix area. I chose to target the search phrase “Adopt a Puppy in Phoenix, Arizona” because many other shelters are not including the word “puppy” in their pages and metadata descriptions shown in the Google search engine results page (SERP) associated with the “adopt a puppy in Phoenix, Arizona” search phrase. Thus, I believe it should be relatively easy to rank at or near the top of this SERP by simply including the search phrase in the landing page, page metadata, and search ads.

The mockup SERP in the following section contains real results. The top two results, and the rest of them, do not even include the word “puppy” in response to a very puppy-centric search phrase. While “dog” is more popular than “puppy” in terms of search volume related to adoptable canines, it is not so much more popular that “puppy” would be considered part of the “long tail.” It’s a less frequently searched term in the “big head.”

As illustrated in the Google Trends screenshot below, “adopt a puppy” sometimes sees about half the search volume of “adopt a dog.” Plus, people looking for a puppy are not necessarily looking for a dog, and visa versa. Some want to raise a puppy, others specifically do not want a puppy, preferring a canine companion that’s already potty trained and past the “needy, unruly, and chewing everything in sight” stage of life. For those wanting a puppy, I want Pink Paws to be at the top of their SERP.

The landing page includes a navigation bar, but it is focused on getting visitors to enter the kind of puppy they are looking for along with their contact information. The ask for information is extremely low and an “opt in” box for the Pink Paws email list and a guaranteed not to send unsolicited email to those who do not opt in are prominently placed next to the “Show Me The Puppies” button. If they consent, we can email them with updates on new puppies for adoption that are the size of pup they are interested in, fundraising appeals, calls for volunteers, requests for puppy food and supplies, and Pink Paws event invitations. Pink Paws can also re-market to them more easily on channels like Facebook by obtaining their email address.

For page relevance in “adopt a puppy” search results and ads targeting that phrase, the word “puppy” is used twice, including in the H1 title, and “puppies” is used in the “Show Me The Puppies” button as well as the navigation bar. This should give the Pink Paws puppy-centric landing page a good relevance score without drawing a penalty for keyword stuffing.

Mockup SERP

Mockup Google Ads (Mobile and Desktop)

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