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Ad Image Credits: Sunset Ad​ (Photo by​ ​Alex Guillaume​ on​ ​Unsplash​), Mountain Road Ad ​(Photo by​ ​AD Gill Photography​ on​ ​Unsplash​), Woods Organic Post ​(Photo by​ ​Togo RV​ on​ ​Unsplash​)

Target Audience: 40-55 years old – Gen X comprises a third of RV campers, Married, Parents, Income over $100,000

Interest: Travel

Located within 200 mile radius of the 10 most popular RV destinations: Salt Lake City, UT; Denver, CO; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ; San Bernardino, CA Portland, OR; Sacramento, CA; Fort Worth, TX; San Diego, CA; Orlando, FL Funnel Stages:​ Generating ​Awareness​, Creating a Proprietary Audience of travelers in Consideration​ stage for their next vacation

Target Segment Rationale: Generation X comprises approximately a third of RV renters. Additionally, with an average household income of over $100,000, they have the financial means to take an RV vacation. Targeting those above the average income for Generation X increases the likelihood that the audience will be prone to take more unique excursions and open to trying different travel options, like RV rental. Gen X also has a tendency to spend liberally on leisure travel, overspending their vacation budgets by approximately $500 on average. Camping trips in RVs are typically a maximum of 200 miles from the campers’ home, only 20% of such trips are over 200 miles from home. This is why the geographic areas targeted are within 200 miles of the United States’ top camping destinations. The more people going on a trip, the more economic sense it makes to travel in an RV, savings on meals, hotel rooms, etc… the more people who will need to be fed, housed, etc… That is why I recommend targeting married people who are parents.

Target Segment Research:

North American Camping Trip Distance: ​

RV Information & Demographics: ​

Gen X Demographic Snapshot:’re%20currently%20between%2056,72.1%20million%20in%20the%20

U.S Gen X Overspends on Vacations:

Average Gen X Income: ​

High Income Traveler Characteristics: ​

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