This “Reply & Buy” Email Sold Dozens of Four-Mailing Intro Programs for a Local Coupon Magazine

A “reply & buy” email may be different than sales emails you’re used to sending, longer and more detailed. But it will get a different result: Selling An Ad Right Then & There!

Done right, “reply and buy” emails generate replies that are, in effect, orders for ads. Daily deal companies like Groupon close most of their deals via “reply & buy” emails. They are totally enforceable as long as all terms are clearly spelled out.

The following email generated dozens of “We’re in!” replies which, thanks to the UETA of 1999, are legally-binding 4-mailing binding ad agreements:

Subject: Reply “Were In” to Accept – Special “Remnant Spot” Pricing for XYZ Learning Center to try Brazos VIP Magazine

Howdy Jane!

I am writing to you because I would love to feature XYZ Learning Center in Brazos VIP Magazine, a glossy magazine that is direct mailed to the 25,000 highest income family homes in Bryan and College Station.

I am very confident that we can help you put together a campaign targeting the best prospects for XYZ Learning Center in Brazos VIP Magazine that pays for itself many times over and would like to offer you an INCREDIBLE deal to give us a try.

Here’s an info. page where you can flip through a virtual copy of Brazos VIP and check out our locally based media company: Media Kit Link

While we have sold the biggest magazine ever for March 2016 with over 70 great local businesses in Brazos VIP allowing us the honor of promoting them, we have to print in increments of 16 pages no matter how many pages we have actually sold.

That leaves us past deadline with a few pages open, enough room for 7 half page ads. Rather than run extra “filler ads” promoting our websites and advertising opportunities, I would rather give 7 more local businesses the opportunity to try out the magazine at an extremely low “offer you can’t refuse” rate, starting with the March mailing.

Here’s the deal: Get 1/2 page ad which is $495 per mailing at the lowest rate on our card…for half of the lowest price on our rate card. Only $245 per 25,000 home mailing for a 7″ x 4.875″, full color, glossy. Less than a penny per home mailed.

Following are the four mailing dates: March 7, April 4, May 9, June 6

By the time the March magazine mails, April will be deadlining. And, while results usually are good with a positive ROI right off the bat, sometimes we have to adjust offer or creative if things aren’t pulling like we want. For that reason, I always propose a trial of four mailings. I am proposing the special “remnant” rate for all four of your first mailings, making a very positive ROI even more likely for you.

It’s our standard practice to do a new ad proof so you can make ad copy or design changes if needed between each mailing. All design services and consulting to make your ad work are included.

No strings or obligations after the first four mailing test campaign, but should you choose to renew, we’ll give you a option to renew at 25% off our lowest rate on the card for as long as you keep consistently renewing…no time limit to the discount.

I am willing to offer you this incredible deal because I sincerely believe that Brazos VIP Magazine can impact your sales to Bryan-College Station’s best homes in such a noticeable fashion that you will be more than delighted to renew your ad in the future.

Plus, every additional business featured in the magazine makes it that much more valuable for local families. The more great businesses like XYZ Learning Center that are in the magazine, the better it works for all of our advertisers.

If you would like to take advantage of this great offer to give Brazos VIP a try at less than 1/2 of the lowest regular rate, please reply “WE’RE IN” to this email and I’ll get your spot reserved immediately.

We have until Thursday of next week to finalize artwork, but need to get space reserved now as sales will cut off after these last 7 half page spots are reserved.

Once you reply “WE’RE IN”, our production department will email you confirming your spot and requesting instructions on what you would like to include in your ad in terms of artwork and promotional offers.

No need to worry about sending payment now, we will send you an invoice with net 30 terms with your ad proofs.

I would love to help XYZ Learning Center maximize its share of business from the Brazos Valley’s highest income family homes. Hoping to get your “WE’RE IN” reply and start a long, mutually profitable marketing partnership.

Dedicated To Growing Your Business!

David Flash
Brazos VIP Magazine
Cell 979-599-4461
Magazine Media Kit Link

Keys to Effective “Reply & Buy” Emails

Keep the email offer simple. Make it something the business owner can reply and execute right then and there no matter where they are: on the sideline at their kid’s soccer game, at the dentist’s office, in line picking up supplies at Sam’s Club, where ever!

If it’s too complicated or requires visiting a website and filling out forms, they “save it for later” they may NEVER get around to printing, signing, scanning, emailing, etc…

Essential Elements of a “Reply & Buy” Email:

1. Gain the business’s interest or attention by talking about them and their needs. Notice how many times the client’s business is mentioned in the email above, including in the subject line.

2. Explain why they should try or renew the proposed program NOW! Notice that the number of spots remaining is spelled out. A specific number of remaining spots in the email creates scarcity, and it also may (I’m not a lawyer) be a requirement to make the agreement binding.

3. Explain terms and details of the deal you are offering. Spell everything out, including how and when art and payment will be handled.

4. Ask them specifically to reply “We’re In” or “Agreed” or something to get their spot reserved. Spell out that there’s no need for paperwork, faxing, etc… all they need to do is reply “Agreed.” Good to ask twice…or thrice…always end the email asking. Include how to “reply & buy” in the subject line as well.

Photo by on Unsplash

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