Facebook: Uber

These ads were created for an assignment in the ASU Digital Audiences program that involved conceptualizing a campaign to help Uber add new driver partners, choosing an addressable audience, and creating social media ads that adhere to brand standards. I chose to target women who are driving for ride share companies or meal delivery companies other than Uber. The Facebook ads I created show the women living life outside work. I focused on the fact that Uber partners earn more per hour due to the platform’s popularity and volume of rides/deliveries. I followed Uber’s brand guidelines by choosing women who are being active and happy, but do not look like models. I also made sure the entire images are crisp (without blurred backgrounds) and would not blend into a white background if placed on one, per Uber’s photography guidelines. For the copy, I used Uber as an adjective (Uber partner), but not a verb or noun, per brand voice and legal guidelines.

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