Facebook: Housecall Pro

HouseCall Pro: Cleaning Service Millionaires Campaign

Project for Defining the Digital Audience, a graduate course at ASU Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications


 Increase YouTube subscribers to 3,000 from 2,140 and increase total monthly viewing time and view count metrics by 30% and 50% respectively.

Campaign Brief

This campaign serves the SMART goal by driving viewers to five videos that feature useful advice for Business Owners who operate cleaning service companies and either are millionaires or aspire to be. The videos will be cut from current interview stock and will be edited to feature bookend announcements and graphic overlays encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and comment.

Rather than drive traffic directly to the HouseCall Pro YouTube videos or channel, the videos will be featured (but not embedded) with descriptions in a landing page and / or post on the HouseCall Pro blog. From the HouseCall Pro site, they can open the videos in new window or on the YouTube app with a click.

This Rube-Goldberg flow allows a work-around for poor metrics of links directly to YouTube videos on Facebook and allows Pros who click on the ad to use the site as a jumping off point for the several videos and also possibly entice them to subscribe to HouseCall Pro emails, browse additional educational resources on the site, or even sign up for a free trial or contact a sales specialist.

In the future, I would recommend using YouTube as a channel to reach Seekers, as cleaning pros use YouTube constantly to learn about practical aspects of their businesses. Using chemicals, trapping runoff, fixing messes, and the like.

I see developing content that drives likes and subscribes and gaining skills in engaging via YouTube as possibly becoming a key skills in developing an advantageous proprietary audience for HouseCall Pro on the platform.

This campaign is part of first steps toward that end, building HouseCall Pro’s YouTube Audience. It will in a voice that speaks to Business Owners who operate cleaning service companies and either are millionaires or aspire to be.

Facebook Target Demographics:

Business Owners who operate cleaning service companies

HouseCall Pro page fans who operate cleaning services

Element Being Tested:

All of the ad copy is the same, the only variable element in the ads campaign is the image used*: Two professionally dressed people, a blue-collar man, and a no collar man.

*All Stock Images are from Canva/Pexels

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