Book Review: Media Versus the Apprentice – An Accounting of Bias in U.S. News Reporting

Like the author of The Media Versus The Apprentice, I am not biased in favor of Donald J. Trump. However, after reading Alberto Martinez’s accounting of what Trump said and what the media reported he said, I am more apt to agree with Trump supporters on one thing: Many modern reporters are in the business of producing sensationalistic “fake news.”

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 1.04.48 AM

Chapter after chapter, Martinez analyzed Trump’s statements in context and the media memes created from those statements. Martinez points out how often the media ignores context when ascribing meaning to Trump’s words. Sometimes the media even goes beyond exaggeration, ascribing Trump’s refusal to address and disavow the crazy ideas they propose in questions as an endorsement of the crazy policies that came from their mouths, not his. i.e. the “Muslim database” and violence against women and children related to terrorists.

There is plenty not to like about Trump, his supporters, and his policies, but Martinez shows that the media fails to report and analyze the truth about the man, his supporters, and his policies, preferring to make up sensationalistic memes from nearly from whole cloth. This is a dangerous perversion of the duties of the fourth estate.

While the cover features “devil horns” on a photo of Donald Trump, the real diabolical characters in Martinez’s book are prevaricating and sensationalistic “fake news” reporters. All people living in or doing business with the United States need to read this book for the perspective it provides in discerning fact from fiction when reading or watching the “news.”

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