Coupon U was one of my favorite things about the five years I spent as a Key Account Executive and Marketing VP for Valpak in the Austin, St. Louis, Kansas City, San Diego, and Sacramento markets.

Over 1,000 coupon and direct response ad professionals in one place. I had spent a decade in the coupon biz before attending my first Coupon U. When I arrived at my first Coupon U in Louisville, KY, my eyes were literally on stems.

I always loved being at Coupon U. My ears remained alert and many “golden nuggets” were gleaned in “round table” sessions with top producing reps hosting topic tables (Wanna know how to make coupons work for gyms? There was a table.) and keynotes by the likes of Chris Gardner and Barbara Corcoran. Valpak Executives like Bobby Morelli and David Szen taught dozens of university level classes on things like coupon copywriting, setting appointments on the phone, prospecting strategy, mobile “in car” office setup, layout and graphic design, consumer behavior, GIS geo-targeting, and much more.

There’s tons to learn in order to best serve local businesses with coupon ads that work. Valpak has always been a leader at developing its Local Marketing Consultants.

Valpak’s Coupon U 2017 was the last such annual gathering of coupon media franchise operators, media sales professionals, and design and client service professionals. While company-wide annual Coupon U events will no longer occur, Valpak still remains a leader in training and development for its Local Marketing Consultants.