This “Reply & Buy” Email Sold Hundreds of Remnant Ads for our Campus Coupon Books

Every semester, our 60 to 120 page Student Discount Handbook campus coupon books in Austin, San Marcos, and College Station had a few pages of unsold space available. This was because we had to print in 16-page increments, no matter how many pages are sold.  So If I had 70 pages booked, I had to print a 76-page coupon book. To fill that space and introduce new advertisers to the response the Handbook could generate and get more great coupon content in the books, I would email out select prospects a “too good to refuse” new client remnant offer.

What about profit margin? Do the new customers who buy under cost ever become profitable?

My statement in the email, that the ROI would justify my full price and then some, was true. Thus, I was able to convert many customers who tried the book at a give-away rate into profitable customers. Some ended up spending thousands on Handbook ads and other programs we offered. At the same time, the “unprofitable” customers booking my last spots added directly to the bottom line profits of the publication with zero increase in the costs to produce the book.

Please note that the following example of the “Golden Email” is from the Texas A&M market, where “Howdy” is the universal greeting:

Subject: Sport Clips – Texas A&M and Blinn Marketing

Only $95 for Double-Sided, Full Color, Perforated Coupon Ad to Market Sport Clips to TAMU and Blinn Students All Semester Long – Reply Now To Get Your Spot – Only 4 Left


I am writing to you because I have seen you advertising Sport Clips to students and faculty at Texas A&M University and Blinn College. That’s why I believe that the Student Discount Handbook, local Students’ favorite coupon book since 1999 could be a powerful marketing tool for Sport Clips.

The best thing about the Handbook is that results are totally trackable. After seeing the success that our many Texas A&M and Blinn area clients have enjoyed over the past 16 years, I am completely confident that you will be very impressed by the Handbook’s return on investment if you try it just once.

However, I understand that you have many options to market Sport Clips and every media salesperson says their product will work. That’s why I’m willing to let you try a 1/4 Page, Double-Sided, Full Color, Perforated Coupon Ad that will be distributed in 30,000 copies of the Fall 2014 Student Discount Handbook for only $95 (Lowest Regular Rate is $345).

While we have sold the biggest book ever for Spring 2016 with over 40 great local businesses allowing us the honor of promoting them, we have to print in increments of 16 pages no matter how many pages we have actually sold.

That leaves us past deadline with 4 pages open, enough room for 8 double sided 1/4 page coupon ads. Rather than run extra “filler ads” promoting our websites and advertising opportunities for next semester, I would rather give 8 more local businesses the opportunity to try out the book at an extremely low “offer you can’t refuse” rate.

I am willing to offer you this incredible deal because I sincerely believe that the Handbook can impact your sales to Bryan-College Station’s campus crowd in such a noticeable fashion that you will be more than delighted to renew your ad in the future at
our regular rate.

Plus, every additional business featuring coupons in the book makes it that much more valuable for students. The more great businesses like Sport Clips that are in the book, the better it works for all of our advertisers.

If you would like to take advantage of this great offer to give the Student Discount Handbook a try at less than 1/3 of the regular rate, please reply “WE’RE IN” to this email and I’ll get your spot reserved immediately.

We have until Thursday of next week to finalize artwork, but need to get space reserved now as sales will cut off after these last 8 quarter page spots are reserved. Once you reply “WE’RE IN”, our production department will email you confirming your spot and requesting instructions on what you would like to include in your ad in terms of artwork and coupon offers. No need to worry about sending payment now, we will send you an invoice with net 30 terms.

I would love to help Sport Clips maximize its share of the lucrative Texas A&M University and Blinn College market. Hoping to get your “WE’RE IN” reply.

Dedicated To Growing Your Business!

David Flash
Student Discount Handbook
Cell 979-599-4461

“Flip through” a copy of the Handbook
Student Discount Handbook Media Kit

*This offer is only available for new advertisers, i.e. businesses who have not been in the book in the past 2 years.

Photo by on Unsplash

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