Straight-forward, Detailed Student Discount Handbook Sales Letter / Email Delivers Inquiries, Ad Sales

University-specific versions of the following Student Discount Handbook sales letter were delivered via postal mail, email, and door drops to prospective advertisers in Austin, College Station, Tucson, Tempe, Flagstaff, and Boulder. Pricing information and sample publications or links to online “flip book” samples typically accompanied the messaging. Prospective advertisers with a high likelihood of converting were identified by their proximity to campus and their marketing activities aimed at students and staff.

Dozens of inquiries that converted to ad orders were received in response each semester. Plus, because complete rate information and a sample accompanied the letter, replies and call-ins frequently came in from customers who were ready to place an order immediately.

The email or letter addresses each decision maker and their organization by name. The subject line or label also includes the organization’s name. The name of the organization is also mentioned in the last line of the email. These details are important to getting the message read and delivering the best response possible.

This letter is simple, and it worked. I hope this letter helps you in your ad sales efforts:

Email Subject / Package Label Copy: Ballet Austin Academy- UT Student Discount Handbook

Dear Vicki,

Hi, my name is David Flash and I am the publisher of the UT Student Discount Handbook.

For over 10 years, the Student Discount Handbook has distributed 30,000 copies per semester of our popular, pocket-sized university area yellow pages/coupon book to UT students and faculty. Distribution occurs during the first week of classes each semester through public and private residence halls, Greek chapters, student clubs and organizations, student unions and hand-to-hand distribution points at high traffic areas around the UT campus.

The Student Discount Handbook™ is perfect bound, pocket sized, perforated, professionally designed, printed in full color gloss and made available FREE to all university students and faculty. The Handbook includes two sections: the Student Discount Section and the Yellow Pages Directory.

The Student Discount Section contains hundreds of money-saving coupons from businesses that wish to capture the lucrative college market as these students form buying habits and strong customer loyalty.

The Yellow Pages Directory includes useful information such as academic calendars, athletic schedules, university phone numbers, web sites, campus maps and a telephone directory featuring university area businesses that students frequent throughout the school year.

Every detail of the Student Discount Handbook™ is built for maximum shelf life. The Handbook stays in backpacks, purses, pockets and glove compartments as your advertising message reaches students for the entire semester.

We go to press with the Fall edition in July…and space often sells out before our July 5th deadline. I have attached a 2 page pdf with advertising information and rates for your review. Please call me at 979-587-2828 (cell) for more info or to reserve your spot.

I hope to help drive UT students and faculty to Ballet Austin Academy in the upcoming academic year.


David W. Flash
Publisher & Former UT Student
cell 979-587-2828
office/fax 512-532-6259

UT Handbook Info

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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